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Top Outdoor Patio Designs Trending Now

Most homeowners enjoy spending time in their backyards, especially during beautiful spring and summer weather. An outdoor patio is a great home feature that provides a comfortable gathering place, as well as shelter from outdoor elements. With an outdoor patio, it’s easier to spend more time outside year-round. Over the last few years, outdoor home [...]

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Outdoor Entertainment Centers

Setting up Your Outdoor Living Space for Audio-Visual Mastery While outdoor living has certainly taken off for kitchens, we’ve noticed several trends hinting towards outdoor entertainment centers for the family to enjoy. These spaces include all the audio-visual equipment you’ll need to set up afternoons or evenings of watching sports, movies, or basic cable. But [...]

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Knowing your Brick Pizza Ovens

Rundown of the Newest Craze in Outdoor Kitchens As we’ve seen outdoor kitchens evolve over the years, many of our clients have been interested in getting the perfect oven to cook there favorite treats outdoors. Brick Pizza ovens are no stranger to the outdoor living space, and as their popularity continues to grow over the [...]

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Ideal Outdoor Room Layouts

Getting the Most out of your Outdoor Rooms. Outdoor Living Rooms have become one of the leading trends within our industry. While it may be easy enough to decide on a structure, your room’s layout and functionality may be difficult to consider. We always like discussing with our clients about their overall usage of the [...]

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No Substitute for Conceptual Designing

In this day and age, Computer Aided Design (CAD) is readily available and several industries have taken advantage of it. While it creates a sharper, more accurate drawing, our process always starts with hand-drawn designs.  These conceptual designs allow us to analyze your space and determine what areas would work best for design elements such [...]

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How do you see it?

How do you see it? I’ve been selling outdoor spaces since 1999 and its truly amazing how much the industry has changed is such a short amount of time.  Back in the 90’s clients were looking for paver patios and maybe some landscaping or a retaining wall.  Today clients want fire, lights, shade, sound and [...]

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Custom Outdoor Fire Features

Deciding what fire feature best fits your outdoor living space. It’s no secret that fire features are one of the most sought after design elements in any outdoor living space. They bring people together, as well as create a focal point for any space. With the multitude of choices, how do you decide which one [...]

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How to Select the Right Company

Selecting the right company or contractor for your project isn't as  easy as it seems.  The simplest way is to have a conversation with the potential contractors and find the company or contractor that you feel the most comfortable working with. A good company or contractor will have questions for you, just as you have [...]

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“We want to thank you for all your help, your design expertise helped us realize our vision for our project and much more.”

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