Best Resources for Outdoor Landscaping

Planning to take on an outdoor landscaping project? Creating a new landscape plan for your home is no small feat. Not only does it require knowledge of what the best plants are for Indiana soil, it also requires an eye for design. While we always recommend working with professionals, we know that there are many DIYers out there. If you’re thinking about some new landscaping ideas, we wanted to give you some valuable resources to turn [...]

How to plan your landscaping project

The time has come, and you want to make your yard look beautiful. This means you are in the market for landscaping services. While winter is one of the ideal times to begin planning your outdoor plans, spring and summer are still great times to get started. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin the outdoor landscaping endeavor: Evaluate Your Current Landscaping Before you contact any company, take a look at [...]

Top Outdoor Patio Designs Trending Now

Most homeowners enjoy spending time in their backyards, especially during beautiful spring and summer weather. An outdoor patio is a great home feature that provides a comfortable gathering place, as well as shelter from outdoor elements. With an outdoor patio, it’s easier to spend more time outside year-round. Over the last few years, outdoor home features have become enormously popular with homeowners across the country. They provide a comfortable backyard setting for a variety of [...]

Outdoor Entertainment Centers

Setting up Your Outdoor Living Space for Audio-Visual Mastery While outdoor living has certainly taken off for kitchens, we’ve noticed several trends hinting towards outdoor entertainment centers for the family to enjoy. These spaces include all the audio-visual equipment you’ll need to set up afternoons or evenings of watching sports, movies, or basic cable. But what goes into preparing a space to handle that sort of attention? With our recommendations, you can ensure that your [...]

Knowing your Brick Pizza Ovens

Rundown of the Newest Craze in Outdoor Kitchens As we’ve seen outdoor kitchens evolve over the years, many of our clients have been interested in getting the perfect oven to cook there favorite treats outdoors. Brick Pizza ovens are no stranger to the outdoor living space, and as their popularity continues to grow over the seasons, it’s essential to know what makes up a pizza oven and what versatility they could offer to your outdoor [...]