IMG_3031rDesigned and installed in the summer of 2011, this Zionsville residence was one of the most challenging designs for BPI to work on.  The property not only had green space requirements to uphold, but the properties easements and setback made the overall design even more challenging.  Through the collaboration of the BPI design team, the pool contractor and the homeowner, the BPI design team was able to fit the pool and the wish list of outdoor elements into the space.  The final result is a space that functions great, and looks amazing.

The space boasts a new in ground pool for the family and friends, with a covered living space to escape the hot summer sun, as well as a built in kitchen to keep all the hungry swimmers fed.  The landscape plantings finished off the space and will provide privacy and seasonal interest for years to come.

Contact us today to create a Family Fun space for your home!

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